Plan Email Extra

HostingEmailPlusIf their needs are only of e-mail, the mail plan hosting EMAIL EXTRA is the service that its company needs. It has accounts of e-mail (POP3/SMTP) with limitless traffic, Anti-virus, Antispam, Webmail+, Statistics in line of the mail and Control Panel of administration, everything under his own name of domain. This will allow to have the best service of mail hosting him of the national market.

It quarrels Semester

45.000 + IVA

It quarrels Annual

75.000 + IVA

Characteristic of the Mail
Domains lodged in servers of hosting1
Alias of domainLimitless
Account number of mail in plan bases15
Accounts of mail type POP3/IMAP 
Monthly trafficLimitless
Space by Account5 GB or 60 days
Control Panel of Viared (proprietor) 
Security with Anti-virus and Antispam 
Endorsement of the 30 last days of all the post office of entrance 
Statistics of post office
Compatibility of the mail with Iphone, Blackberry, Android, Outlook and other movable devices 
Services PREMIUM including
Telephone customized support (8 xs 5) 
Support by email (24 xs 7) 
Monitoring systems (24 xs 7) 
Time answer attention special requests (in office schedule) 
Annual Uptime of services (SLA engaged)99,8%

Pack of 5 additional accounts of e-mail with limitless traffic, Anti-virus, Antispam and Webmail.$ 10,000 semester ones$ 15,000 annual ones
Steps to contract service
  • All the prices are net and they do not include V.A.T.
  • Minimum contract of the services: 6 months
To print
  • Specialized servers
  • Customized support
  •  Permanent monitoring
  •  Uptime of services 99,8%