It compares Plans of Shared Hosting

From 1996 offering services of hosting of the highest quality, with our own Data Center located in the commune of Providence in Santiago de Chile. The customized attention, effective support and satisfaction that we give our clients mark the difference, which added to a technological platform of high level, allows to offer reliable and safe services us of hosting in the time. We have a variety of suitable plans of hosting to all type of companies and businesses, not concerning its size.
It chooses one of the following plans of hosting in agreement with its needs:
  • Operating from 1996
  • Servers last generation
  • Discs RAID
  • Customized support
  • Data Center in Chile
  • Uptime of services 99,8%

HostingEmailPlusEmail ExtraHostingWebProfesionalProfessional WebHostingWebEmpresasWeb CompaniesHostingWebCorporativoCorporative Web
Characteristics of the Mail
Domains lodged in servers of hosting1111
Alias of domainLimitless3LimitlessLimitless
Account number of mail in plan bases15152535
Space by Account5 GB or 60 days5 GB or 60 days5 GB or 60 days5 GB or 60 days
Accounts of mail type POP3/IMAP    
Monthly trafficLimitlessLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
Control Panel of Viared (proprietor)    
Security with Anti-virus and Antispam    
Endorsement of the 30 last days of all the post office of entrance    
Statistics of post office  
Compatibility of the mail with Iphone, Blackberry, Android, Outlook and other movable devices    
Characteristic services of WEBHOSTING
Domains lodged in servers of hosting111
Alias of domain3LimitlessLimitless
Maximum space for website in plan bases1 GB2 GB5 GB
Account number FTP135
Traffic FTPLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
Support PHP
Data bases mySQL118
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
Servers support WEBPAY (Transbank)
Monthly traffic to the websiteLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
Statistics of website
Daily endorsement website
Daily endorsement data bases
Services PREMIUM including
Telephone customized support (8 xs 5)    
Support by email (24 xs 7)    
Monitoring systems (24 xs 7)    
Time answer attention special requests (in office schedule)    
Annual Uptime of services (SLA engaged)99,8%99,8%99,8%99,8%
Net tariffs + IVA
Semester tariff$ 45.000$ 55.000$ 75.000$ 90.000
Annual tariff$ 75.000$ 90.000$ 130.000$ 160.000
To contract to service hostingTo contractTo contractTo contractTo contract
  • For the modality of monthly payment, the services of hosting are cancelled per advance month with the acceptance of the contract and the months following electronic invoice is sent to the client for payment by deposit or against the account current transference of the Bank of Chile or by means of Debit or Credit card via WEBPAY solution.
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  • Minimum contract of the services: 6 months