Shared Hosting

Hosting or Web hosting is the business of storage and file maintenance for one or more websites kept in the cloud.

The service of Hosting that provides Viared in its Data Center is a dedicated service to the people, small, medians and great companies, the capacity to store its more important information as: image, data bases, video or another type of content in an accessible safe place and via Internet the 24 hours of the day the 365 days of the year.

Unlike the majority of companies of Hosting of the market, we counted on own and personal infrastructure described to operate our Data Center located in the commune of Providence of Santiago de Chile, thus to be able to give the best services of hosting of quality and with a tariff in agreement with the national market.

Our services of hosting and Web hosting in Chile, are ideal for personal projects, small and medium businesses, furthermore we counted on services of Dedicated Servers and Servers VPS, the perfect solution for lodging of websites of high traffic that they require of an exclusive solution, ideal for the execution of enterprise software or advanced surroundings of development.

  • Greater rapidity of access
  • Better quality on watch, with uptime of 99.8% of the minimum monthly time
  • Customized attention, without TICKET use, we take care of by telephone or mail in immediate form its requirements
  • From 1996 in the national market offering services of excellence. Our clients guarantee this affirmation.

If what looks for are services of hosting of quality, then he has arrived at the correct place. He contracts our services of hosting and he verifies the quality of our services.