Considerations before contracting the suitable plan of hosting

If you are not safe which plan of hosting is the one that you need for your company, you must consider at least the following aspects main:

  • Whichever accounts of mail you need for your company?
  • Which is the type of website that you are going to do and whichever space you need to lodge it?

The answer to the two previous questions, will allow to determine the proportions and to choose the plan of hosting more adapted for your needs.

If you have a small company, with little personal, surely with 15 accounts of mail it will be more than sufficient. You can give an account of mail to each worker and in addition to create some generic accounts that you will be able to use habitually, for example: [email protected], [email protected] or to use them as alias of other accounts of personal type.

In case the website that you have for your company is small and is constructed on the basis of some few static pages HTML, it will be enough with contracting to the Plan Professional Web, a plan simple, basic and economic to begin. But you need a greater amount accounts of post office and your website is constructed on the basis of some manager of contents CMS (as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.) the suitable plan would be a Plan Web Companies that satisfy these requirements totally.

In case your company is much more great and the website that they have requires of greater space Web, it makes use of more etc., data bases, then the suitable service will be a Plan Corporative Web with which you will be able to have all the necessary capacities.