Dear Cliente, to form a movable program of mail as Outlook, Thunderbird, devices and others, it will have to consider that always it will have to qualify the authentication in the servant of exit smtp to be able to send post office (to put same user and key of the entrance servant) and in addition to specify the out port to number 587.

Next we showed an example of the configuration of servant smtp for a Iphone:

Configuration smtp of iphone

Next we showed the steps to follow for Outlook 2010, as a example:

1. To go to menu File, as one is next:

2. In the configuration screen, to modify exit servant smtp according to is next changing where it says by

3. To make click in the button More configurations… as one is next:

And finally in the tongue-piece of “Outposts” to specify the following thing:

In order to have more information it exceeds how to form its mail in Outlook, Iphone, Blackberry, Mac Mail or Android,
it visits the page
There it will find instructive the pdf that shows in detail exceeds how to form their account of mail in these devices.