Infrastructure of Hosting

We have modern and advanced a Data Center own, working in our offices in the commune of Providence in Santiago de Chile.

Our Data Center counts on technologies of excellence and vanguard, equipment of security of first level, conditionned room, optical fiber connections, servers of last generation, UPS for electrical endorsement, own generator ELT, in addition to more the outposts technologies in the matter of physical and logical security.

All our technological platform, added to the years of experience that we took, allows to offer to our clients services us of hosting of excellence and to the right price for the quality that we gave.

For that reason we invited it to comprise of our portfolio of clients, who per years remain next to us 100% satisfied with the quality on watch and attention that we offered them.

  • Last Firewalls generation
  • Servers with CPU XEON
  • Endorsement by UPS
  • Generator ELT
  • Controlled access
  • Conditionned atmosphere
  • Monitoring 24 xs 7