Who We are

VIARED, created in 1996 July, in the beginnings of Internet in Chile, had the vision to anticipate itself to the impact that this new technology would have the future in of the companies and people.

From its beginnings, the VIARED raison d'etre has been to offer services of hosting in Chile of first level and with a oriented attention to the satisfaction of its clients. This has allowed a permanent growth during all these years in the number of clients and to obtain the loyalty of all of them, where the great majority of our clients has remained next to us all these years, very satisfied with the customized attention with our human equipment of support and the excellence of our services.

We are dedicated to obtain the satisfaction of the requirements of small, medians and great companies in services of Web hosting and e-mails.

Our commitment is to offer a reliable service and of high quality, complementing it with our excellent service of support, where we obtained a clear differentiation in the national market. We know that the satisfaction of the client is vital for the success of any company.

We are proud of the professionalism of our human equipment and day to day, we strived to satisfy and to exceed the expectations our clients.

From the above we assured to him that its company can trust us.

  • Giving services of Hoting from 1996
  • Direction to the service of its clients
  • Own Datacenter
  • Servers of last generation
  • Professionals highly described
  • Customized attention
  • Uptime superior to the 99,8% of the annual time