Frequent questions (FAQ)

What is a name of domain Internet?

The domain is a name or one way street by which a company or a service in Internet is identified, thus for example, VIARED.CL is the name of our company and .CL because it is located in Chile. So that the services work in Internet is necessary that the client buys a domain in the organism in charge of it. For the case of domains .CL in Chile that organism is NIC CHILE and its website is

What is a service of Hosting?

A service of hosting in general terms, corresponds to the service of lodging within a connected servant to Internet, where all class of digital information is stored, such as websites, e-mails, data files, videos, etc. Exist different classes or types from services of hosting, being most typical those of hosting shared, hosting VPS and hosting in dedicated servers.

How contract hosting in VIARED.CL?

First it must have bought the domain. If he is .cl must do it in NIC Chile and if it is .com, .org or another one are bought abroad.
Soon it must choose the plan of hosting more adapted in agreement with the needs that it has. We have several plans of hosting sharedhosting VPS and servers dedicated, according to is the case. It makes click in the button CONTRACT of the page of hosting, completes the form with the data of the contractor (RUT, Trade name, Turn, Address, etc.) and sends it. Once we received it we come with the qualification of the services and we sent mail to him with the instructions of beginning to the mail that it identified to us as technical contact. Later we make him arrive electronic invoice by the value from the service and the instructions so that she can pay.

How transfer present my hosting towards VIARED.CL?

If You have lodged his website in another company and needs to transfer it, we can help it.

He will only have to give us the access to his present supplier and we will remove an endorsement from the site and we will install it in our servers.

What is uptime or SLA of a service of hosting?

Uptime or SLA (in English Service Level Agreement), is the commitment between a supplier on watch and its client in order to fix the level decided for the quality of this service, measurement during a year calendar. In our case uptime of the services of hosting that we offer to our clients is at least of 99.8% of the annual time. Uptime of a service of hosting is one of the main parameters that must be considered at the time of choosing to a supplier of hosting.

To which things must pay attention before contracting hosting?

The variables are several that must consider, in our opinion the main ones are the following:

  • Antiquity and experience of the company of hosting in the national market.
  • Physical location of the Data Center of the company of hosting that offers the services, is important that it is in Chile.
  • The support and attention to the clients, who have a phone number where it is possible to be called is vital. Just like it has a physical location in Chile and he is not only virtual with servers in the USA.
  • The level of uptime or time in which the services work is a measurement of the quality of the service. It must beforehand be known.

How formed are the DNS in the NIC?

If. You contract our service in NIC must form servers DNS of the following form:Servers DNS

What is hosting shared?

This type on watch of hosting is most common and economic than he offers himself in the market. Clients of several sites in a same servant lodge, thanks to the configuration of the program Web server. It is a good option for small and medium clients, it is an economic service due to the reduction of costs since when sharing a servant with many other clients the cost is reduced drastically for each and has good yield.

What is hosting VPS?

The dedicated servers virtual (VPS) use virtualization technology, that allows him to provide access concerning [root] and the capacity to reinitiate it when it wishes, just as a dedicated servant. With the possibility of installing their own applications and completely of controlling the configuration of their servant, the VPS represent an economic and efficient alternative for which they wish to enjoy the benefits a dedicated servant but to a much smaller cost.
Each VPS has assigned a limit of the use of the CPU, the ram memory and the hard disk. Thus, each one of the VPS works independently within the same physical servant; meaning that they act as independent units within a same equipment. For example, if one of them badly is administered and works in overloaded form, it will not affect the operation of the rest.

What is a service of hosting of dedicated servant?

A dedicated servant corresponds to a computer equipment that is used to be in dedicated services in exclusive form to an only client. Generally these services are related to the lodging Web and other services such as dedicated e-mail. Unlike which it happens with hosting shared, where the resources of the machine are shared between several clients, in the case of the dedicated servers, is a single client the one who has all the resources of the assigned machine to offer the services that she has contracted.

What is understood by a static site HTML and one dynamic one?

A static site HTML is a site that is constructed exclusively on the basis of pages HTML, are simplest to do and each page of content is made in form manual with a publishing software HTML. The simpler and economic services of hosting give support for this type of sites, in our case the plan of hosting PROFESSIONAL WEB is oriented to this class of sites.
A dynamic site is a site whose contents are stored in a data base and make use of a system of management of contents (CMS, Content Managment System) as they are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others. These systems allow to design and to construct to a site on the basis of predetermined groups and the contents of the pages they administer on the basis of data mySQL. In our case the service of hosting required is a plan WEB COMPANIES that support has to handle a data base.

What is service FTP offered in a plan of hosting?

Service FTP (abbreviations in English of File Transfer Protocol, File transfer protocol) is a network protocol for the transference of archives between systems connected to a network TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), based on the architecture client-servant. This service allows the client of hosting to update its website to raise archives the servant or to lower archives from the servant.

All the plans of hosting include at least support for a FTP account.

What is a data base MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database management system, multiuser multitask and, very popular anywhere in the world, with more than six million facilities.

MySQL is very used in applications Web, as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others, commonly in platforms (Linux/Windows-Apache/Perl. Its popularity as application Web is very ligature to PHP, that often appears in combination with MySQL.

Our services of hosting WEB COMPANIES and CORPORATIVE WEB support by defect the use of one or more data bases MySQL by defect and allow the clients the installation of their dynamic websites based on this popular data base.

What is a Firewall equipment?

Firewall is an equipment of hardware or safety that works as fire-guards between networks, allowing or denying the transmissions from a network to the other. A typical use is to locate it enters the local network of its company and the Internet network, as safety to avoid that the intruders can accede to confidential information.

Our company commercializes the famous brands Watchguard and Fortinet and has different models from equipment in agreement with the size from its company, the number of users in the network, number concurrent sessions, etc. that is desired to protect.