WatchGuard up to 150 users

Series M

Models M200 and M370

To quote

From 1998 we sell Firewalls of the prestigious WatchGuard brand, international leader in security of networks.

These equipment is distinguished by:

Facility of Administration

Firewalls WatchGuard provides administration 100% graph via Web and PC, without needing keying a single commando. In addition they allow to handle multiple configuration files, which can be loaded to the Firewall in independent form.


Designed for offices among 40 and 150 users the models M200 and M300 they offer a performance superior.


They work with Stateful Dynamic Packet specialized Filtering and Proxys of FTP, HTTP, DNS and smtp, RPC, filtered H323, RTSP offering of contents, archives, facebook and everything what You need.


All the Firewalls Watchguard includes tools of management that allow to have statistical information and in real time of: Used used Service, bandwidth, opened Connection, rejected Connection, Use by service, Use by Servant/PC, etc

The following are some of the statistics that You can obtain with these equipment: