It compares Plans of Servers VPS Linux

The services of VPS, allow to have the same functionalities of a dedicated server hosting but to a very economic price.  The service of hosting VPS (virtual private servers) allows to have the total control of the system concerning administrator (root), to install different applications, to reinitiate the servant, to have its own users, processes, bookstores and configuration files, among others, generally to have all the privileges of a usuary administrator.
Our solutions of Servers of  cheap VPS hosting Linux provide the freedom and flexibility that you need, being able to choose between one of the following plans:
  • Operating from 1996
  • Servers last generation
  • Discs RAID
  • SSH access
  • Customized support
  • Data Center in Chile
  • Uptime of services 99,8%

Characteristic of the service of hosting virtual servant VPS
Platform Linux CentOS (It includes Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.)
Disc space20 GB40 GB60 GB80 GB
Ram memory guaranteed2 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB
Support Webpay de Transbank to realise payments in line
Monthly transferenceLimitlessLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
Public directions IP1111
SSH access concerning root
Accounts of mail with Anti-virus, Antispam, Webmail and limitless traffic (in shared servers of Viared, without additional cost)30405080
Servers XEON, superfluous hard disks
Services PREMIUM including
Technical support for servant (8 xs 5)1 hour monthly1 hour monthly2 hours monthly2 hours monthly
Telephone customized support (8 xs 5)
2 hour and support Home monthly
Support by email (24 xs 7)
Monitoring systems (24 xs 7)
Firewall Watchguard
Attention in line requests (in office schedule)
Annual Uptime of services (SLA engaged)99,8%99,8%99,8%99,8%
Net tariffs + IVA
Monthly tariff$ 56.000$ 62.000$ 78.000$ 102.000
Semester tariff$ 308.000$ 341.000$ 429.000$ 561.000
Annual tariff$ 560.000$ 620.000$ 780.000$ 1.020.000
  • For the modality of monthly payment, the services of vps web hosting are cancelled per advance month with the acceptance of the contract and the months following electronic invoice is sent to the client for payment by deposit or against the account current transference of the Bank of Chile or by means of Debit or Credit card via WEBPAY solution
To contract to service hostingTo contractTo contractTo contractTo contract
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  • Minimum contract of the services: 6 months