Documents in the Cloud, services eKardex is a service of hosting specialized in Chile that allows the administration and publication of any electronic document class in Internet (Cloud).

It publishes all the documents that need to share in and of access their clients, suppliers or to whoever, so that they have access to documents published from any part of the world. You control and specific to what or as documents each person will have access who defines as client of the system Web. The specialized services of hosting eKardex can use them in independent form through website dedicated to the service in or, can integrate this technological platform from hosting to its own website and give access to its clients from its own site to different published documents, so that they comprise of their solution Web. It sees the demonstration of integration that is the right of the screen.

For greater information of this service of hosting specialized, we invited it to visit the website dedicated exclusively to this service in There it will find all the information of the characteristics and uses, frequent tariffs of the service, questions, hiring of the service, etc. It does not stop visiting it, adds value to the website of its company!

It shares documents in the cloud with:
  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Trading partners
  • Professors and students